Just in Time for Christmas (Episode)

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Just in Time for Christmas

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Episode No.: TPSS 10a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: December 3, 2021
Previous Episode: Survivoring
Next Episode: Klopnodian Heritage Festival
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
TPSS10a Image.jpg

Just in Time for Christmas is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.


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[edit] Plot

On Christmas night, Cecil cuts down a telephone pole and brings it back in to use as a Christmas tree. As the family prepares for Christmas, Squidina reminds Patrick that they are expecting better gifts than the garbage he gave them last year. Ouchie gives Patrick the idea to use the time closet to find Christmas gifts for everyone.

Patrick gets the idea to get Cecil a shaver from the future. In the future, Captain Doug Quasar and Pat-Tron have went to a planet of wild trees to get a Christmas tree. Pat-Tron offers Quasar his Laser Phaser so he can cut them down. Quasar assumes he does not need it and fights the trees directly. Pat-Tron gives Patrick the laser, so he leaves, but Quasar shouts that he needs his laser back. Pat-Tron leaves awkwardly.

Back home, Patrick gets a gift for GrandPat. Ouchie activates the time closet and shows him a commercial for Caveman Jenkins' farms. Patrick goes and sneaks into his barn, where a sleeping pterodactyl is nesting. It eats Patrick and lays him in another egg. He steals an egg, and the pterodactyl chases after him, but he manages to shut it out of his room.

Next, Patrick wants to give Bunny something fun. She remembers Bunny telling him that "there's nothing more fun than a carnival" and time travels to a carnival in the 1800s. He sees a Fiji mermaid and a tattooed fish, so he steals one of the fish's tattooes. He runs into Mrs. Puff, who wants to kiss him because of his mistletoe hat. The Fiji mermaid slaps her, and she punches him away. Patrick notices him when he gets back home, and decides to give him as a pet to Squidina.

The next morning, Patrick gives his gifts to his family, and all of them are appreciated. Squidina asks Patrick where he got the money to pay for his gifts. Suddenly, a taxi drives through the wall, and the people Patrick stole from come out, demanding their items back. Patrick gives them gifts: various pieces of garbage, and GrandPat. Everyone tries to kiss Patrick, and Squidina points out that it happened because he was wearing a mistletoe hat. Everyone then says "Merry Christmas!" as Bunny takes a photo.

[edit] Trivia

  • This episode was paired up with the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode "The Ho! Ho! Horror!" during the original airing.
    • This also was the first episode in the SpongeBob franchise to be paired with another spin-off.
  • If his appearance as part of the SpongeKrab twins is not counted, this is the tenth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise where SpongeBob is completely absent, as he does not make an appearance and he is not mentioned.
  • Incidental 70 makes a cameo appearance wearing a blue shirt with the number "70" on it. This is a reference to his incidental number.
    • The same thing previously happened with Incidental 40 in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Lost in Bikini Bottom."
  • This is the first Christmas special of The Patrick Star Show.
  • This is Mrs. Puff’s second appearance on The Patrick Star Show after "Terror at 20,000 Leagues"
  • This is Plankton’s second appearance on The Patrick Star Show after "Late for Breakfast"

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for Just in Time for Christmas

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