The Lil' Patscals (Episode)

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The Lil' Patscals

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Episode No.: TPSS 20a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: April 24, 2023
Previous Episode: Fun & Done!
Next Episode: The Prehistoric Patrick Star Show
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
TPSS20a Image.jpg

The Lil' Patscals is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.


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[edit] Plot

Patrick is watching the traffic light channel on the TV, with GrandPat being unamused at the program. Patrick says that television is his main method of having fun, so GrandPat destroys the TV, insisting that he has had fun in his childhood. GrandPat shows Patrick a picture of the Kelp Bed Kids, a gang he was in during his childhood, and tells him about the adventures that they went on. An angel and devil TV appear and give Patrick an idea to use the time closet to live through GrandPat's past experiences. Patrick distracts GrandPat and sets the time closet to 1927.

While the Kelp Bed Kids are playing a game, a can is kicked at Patrick, who hopes to hang out with them. Patrick pulls out a smaller version of him to be compatible with them, and the kids Fleischer-ize him to fit him in. The Kelp Bed Kids ask Patrick to kick a can, which ends up in Old Man Jenkins' house. They aim to get the can back, so Patrick and GrandPat attempt to sneak into the house, but get chased away by a guard toilet. Hoops uses one of his hoops to restrain the toilet, allowing the kids to go inside the house.

The Kelp Bed Kids venture through the house, looking for the can, but various traps inside result in the kids being thrown out of the house, with the exception of Patrick and GrandPat, who end up in the basement after falling through a hidden trap in the floors. They find the can, which rolls to Old Man Jenkins, who was working on his security system.

Old Man Jenkins is about to use the can, but soon gives it back to Patrick and GrandPat, as he thought that they were looking for his outlawed ice cream. He reveals that the government banned ice cream, so he set haunted traps in his house to prevent the police from finding out about his bootlegged supply. Officer Murphy arrives at the house and inspects Old Man Jenkins' basement, having the suspicion about him bootlegging ice cream, but he finds nothing. Unknown to Officer Murphy, Patrick and GrandPat have eaten the ice cream, keeping Old Man Jenkins' cover.

Patrick arrives home from the past, still in his Kelp Bed Kid form, with GrandPat still telling the story. Patrick agrees that experiencing real-life adventures are more fun than television. Outside the house, they find Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Granny Tentacles, and Old Man Walker, the original members of the Kelp Bed Kids. Patrick and GrandPat join them for another round of kicking the can, only for GrandPat to soon trip as he prepares his kick.

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Transcript for The Lil' Patscals

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