Mid-Season Finale (Episode)

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Mid-Season Finale

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Episode No.: TPSS 13b
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: July 22, 2022
Previous Episode: Nitwit Neighborhood News
Next Episode: Shrinking Stars
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
Squidina Star Jill Talley
Cecil Star Thomas Wilson
Bunny Star Cree Summer
TPSS13b Image.jpg

Mid-Season Finale is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.


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[edit] Plot

Perch Perkins announces The Patrick Show Mid-Season Finale!, where a full audience awaits. Patrick and Squidina arrive in a limousine, mistakenly injuring Perch. Patrick is wearing SpongeBob's underwear, while Squidina is wearing SpongeBob himself as a hat. Patrick and Squidina pose for some photos, then walk down the red carpet, but trip and are sent rolling through the door of the house. They quickly get dressed and go on stage, where the audience cheers. Patrick announces a surprise celebrity guest coming later.

First, Patrick and Squidina do a skit where they have arrived on the moon because Patrick had to fart. GrandPat and Granny Tentacles heckle this joke from the balcony. The next act is Bunny and her living tattoos. However, she shakes her body too hard, causing them to fall off and run away. Next, a live-action Patrick in a mascot suit skates past a diner, crashing backwards into a dumpster.

Slappy walks on stage for a poetry reading, where he takes out a dead flower and covers himself with it. This attracts the attention of Slippy, a female version of Slappy, who falls in love with him, and they walk off stage together, to GrandPat and Granny Tentacles' disgust.

Pearl and Squidina pop out of paintings on the wall. Pearl asks if Squidina can keep a secret, and when Squidina eagerly says she can, Pearl responds "Good! So can I!" Squidina is frustrated, and closes the window. Next, Sandy and the Flying Dutchman show up from the floor, with the Dutchman reading newspaper obituaries to see who is single. The FlimFlam Brothers arrive on stage, and when GrandPat tries to throw tomatoes at him, they phase right through their bodies.

Patrick repeatedly pops out of items to say today's "magic word", only for Squidina to stop him before he can say what it is. His voice travels through Squidina's arm, revealing the word to be "Explosion!" Patrick explodes, as a charred Squidina comments "I told him not to say it."

Tinkle then stars in his own segment, biting various people and making them fall into a well. The segment cuts off early for a shot of various Patricks in a waiting room. The Goofy Manager calls caveman Patrick on-stage, to the real Patrick's frustration. The Patricks begin fighting, and the Goofy Manager fires them all in favor of ballet-dancing Patricks.

SpongeMonster delivers the setup to a joke: "What did the electric general say to his battery army?" Dr. Plankenstein shouts "Charge!" and electrocutes them both as they laugh. Patrick shows up in a test pattern, reminding the audience to "stay turned" for the celebrity guest.

After some static, Bunny and Cecil talk about how proud they are that Patrick has gotten so far. Cecil says "Now let's see how far our daughter goes!" as he prepares to launch Squidina from a catapult. After releasing the hold, they launch themselves instead, with Squidina saying that she is proud of her parents.

The time closet transitions to a scene set in prehistoric times, where caveman Patrick hosts a game show called Guess What Me Thinking? He produces a thought bubble with a group of indecipherable squiggles. Caveman Jenkins guesses correctly, hitting the thought bubble with his club to reveal snakes. He wins, only to be eaten by a pterodactyl, and then Squidasaurus Rex. Patrick hesitantly says that Squidasaurus Rex is the winner.

Cecil and Bunny act out a Victorian-era romance story. Cecil reads a disgusting bit of poetry, and they kiss. Squidward shows up, asking for money for Cecil, and he runs off. A mime walks up and tries to kiss Bunny instead, but she slaps him and he falls over, playing dead.

Patrick waits anxiously for the special guest to be announced, but Squidina tells him they cannot do it yet. Just then, Admiral Smash appears on stage, handing Patrick a note that he has passed his "clown exam." Patrick wears a clown outfit, then sprays Squidina with seltzer and throws a pie in her face, to her annoyance. Smash then hands a notice to Squidina that she has passed her "evil ventriloquist dummy exam," so she transforms into one and chases Patrick around on-stage.

GrandPat and Granny Tentacles argue over if the skit is funny, and launch into a sky battle using both of their houses. GrandPat pours coffee over Granny Tentacles' house, so she drops scones that send his house falling out of the sky. After crashing, they hug each other, to the audience's approval. Patrick and Squidina, in wizard outfits, use a time-lapse to fix the set.

Patrick and Squidina slide back on-stage to announce their ending. However, Patrick cannot remember where they put the ending. GrandPat rides by on his scooter, sending them through various skits throughout the episode until they crash into the couch. Patrick finds the TV remote and suggests that they fast-forward through the show to reach the ending.

Squidina fast-forwards, playing clips of various segments. Captain Doug Quasar fights a space monster, a man in a monkey mask is shown as energetic music plays, and the conclusion to Tinkle's segment shows various people stuck in the well. Back at the show, Squidina asks Patrick where the celebrity guest is. Another Patrick runs on-stage, saying that he was in the bathroom. The first Patrick reveals himself to be the real special guest: Bootsy Collins. Patrick thanks him for being on the show, and the entire crowd says "Explosion!" in unison, leaving only Squidina behind.

Finally, the mascot Patrick surfaces from the dumpster, holding balloons and throwing confetti.

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