Pearl Wants to Be a Star (Episode)

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Pearl Wants to Be a Star

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Episode No.: TPSS 12a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: April 15, 2022
Previous Episode: Patrick's Alley
Next Episode: Super Sitters
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
Pearl Krabs Lori Alan
TPSS12a Image.jpg

Pearl Wants to Be a Star is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.


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[edit] Characters

[edit] Plot

At Mr. Krabs' house, Pearl is frantically packing for a visit to Squidina's house. Krabs, who has games scheduled with GrandPat, tells her to hurry up. When Pearl arrives, she sees that Patrick's show is already on. GrandPat mocks Krabs for being late, and the family heads inside. Squidina meets up with Pearl, excited to go on the show. She goes on-stage and does a juggling act, but mistakenly picks up Ouchie, who had gotten into her juggling balls. The audience is unimpressed, and Pearl messes up her act, running off-stage and crying. Squidina fails to reassure her, making her cry even harder.

Meanwhile, GrandPat and Mr. Krabs are playing a card game. Krabs brags about his time in the navy while GrandPat tells him about his time in the army. The two compare their cards, and Krabs has won, taking all the items they had bet. GrandPat challenges him to another game, double or nothing. After Patrick performs, Pearl does a rollerblading act to music. Seeing that the audience is bored, she increases her speed, but finds it hard to keep up and fails, going backstage with Squidina again.

GrandPat and Krabs play a game of "Shuffle Stuff," a form of cricket where they knock items into holes. After comparing their war injuries, Krabs wins the game, and GrandPat challenges him to another one. Back on the Patrick Show, Patrick does a basketball act. Pearl walks up, wearing a robe, and starts singing a slow song. The song picks up in tempo, making the audience dance, and Krabs joins in. GrandPat goes atop his house and prepares to catapult a piano at Krabs. However, the rope gets caught on his leg, sending him with it.

GrandPat's piano crashes into the set, creating a crater and injuring the audience. Pearl is worried at first, but it turns out that the audience did like her song, and they cheer for her. Squidina and Patrick compliment Pearl, planning to put her on the show again, and Krabs is proud of her. GrandPat, dazed and with piano keys sticking out of his mouth, tries to challenge Krabs to another game. As the episode ends, Pearl's ventriloquist dummy, which she had used for the song, plays the keys.

[edit] Trivia

  • Mr. Krabs has muscles in this episode. He's like Larry the Lobster when he flexes.
  • For some reason, Pearl's design is different from her appearance in "Squidina's Little Helper."
  • This is the fourteenth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise where SpongeBob is completely absent, as he does not make an appearance and he is not mentioned.
  • This is Pearl's third appearance on The Patrick Star Show after "The Yard Sale," and "Squidina's Little Helper." This was also her first major role in the series.
  • This episode marks the first time that Pearl cries in The Patrick Star Show.
  • Squidina wears her headphones from To Dad and Back again in this episode.
  • Pearl has the same design from the main series, this time, she wears a pink shirt with a yellow flower on it, a red skirt, and black Mary Janes with white knee high socks.

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for Pearl Wants to Be a Star

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