A Cabin in the Kelp (Episode)

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A Cabin in the Kelp

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Episode No.: 262a
Season: 12
Airdate: October 12, 2019
Previous Episode: Hiccup Plague
Next Episode: The Hankering
Characters Voice actors
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Mrs. Puff Mary Jo Catlett
Karen Jill Talley
Pearl Lori Alan
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
262a Image.jpg

A Cabin in the Kelp is a season 12 episode.


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[edit] Plot

Outside Mrs. Puff's Boating School, the Gal Pals - Karen, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff - are preparing for a camping trip. They load their trailer and afterwards attach it to the boat. Pearl, the newest member, plans to prank them by having SpongeBob scare them. When Pearl arrives, Sandy puts her backpack, which has SpongeBob in it, in the trailer. The Gal Pals start driving and sing a song. They run over a pothole and the trailer disconnects from the boat, crashing in a pit of mud. SpongeBob is able to get out before the trailer sinks, and he finds a lucky peanut.

At the cabin, Sandy notices that the trailer has disconnected. Pearl is sad about losing her backpack, but Karen says that they can buy a new one. The Gal Pals quickly redecorate the abandoned cabin, and Pearl leaves to call SpongeBob. She advises him to "follow the trees" to find the cabin, and he runs into the woods. At night, the Gal Pals are sitting around a campfire. Sandy gives Pearl a necklace, and she, Karen, and Mrs. Puff tell her a scary story about the former fourth Gal Pal to whom the necklace belongs, Flibberty Gibbet, who is still roaming around in the woods for revenge after an argument. Pearl is scared and throws away the necklace, and the other Gal Pals start laughing at her, having successfully pranked her. Pearl laughs as a hand grabs the necklace from the floor.

After a noise, Mrs. Puff and Sandy explain that the story of Flibberty Gibbet was actually true. Pearl thinks the noise is SpongeBob, who is still lost. Karen plans for all four of them to jump out and scare SpongeBob. A monster then appears, and they run into the cabin and plan to escape.

The Gal Pals try to warn SpongeBob not to go in the cabin. SpongeBob appears at the cabin and is grabbed by the monster. The Gal Pals run in to save him, only to find that the monster is actually a saleslady selling pinecones on sticks. Flibberty Gibbet appears, not intending any harm to the Gal Pals, and they get scared and run away. SpongeBob chases after them with his lucky peanut. The episode ends with a fourth wall break as the four girls crash into the screen; they slide down, and then a "The End" sign shows up.

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Transcript for A Cabin in the Kelp

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