Pet or Pests (Episode)

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Pet or Pests
Episode No.: 118a
Airdate: March 18, 2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Professor Squidward
Next Episode: Komputer Overload

"Pet or Pests" is an episode from Season 6.






Patrick and SpongeBob are playing leap frog. They fall off of a cliff and land in a brier patch, finding a worm buried in the sand. The worm takes a fancy to SpongeBob, so SpongeBob names it Mr. Wormsly and takes it home to meet Gary. Gary and Mr. Wormsly do not get along. Gary attacks SpongeBob so SpongeBob asks Patrick for help, but Patrick leaves. SpongeBob lets Mr. Wormsly sleep with him and puts Gary on the guest newspaper. The next morning Mr. Wormsly is howling in pain, which wakes up SpongeBob. SpongeBob gets Patrick to help, and Patrick discovers that Mr. Wormsly has given birth to 5 babies (Mr. Wormsly is a female worm). SpongeBob tries to show the babies to Gary, but Gary and Mr. Wormsly start fighting. Gary wins the fight and chases away Mr. Wormsly, who takes the bus. SpongeBob resolves to find homes for all of Mr. Wormsly's babies with Patrick's help, but again Patrick leaves. SpongeBob tries to give a baby worm to Squidward, but one of the babies sprays green goo on Squidward.

SpongeBob then proceeds to Mrs. Puff's house, ringing her doorbell for an extremely long time. Mrs. Puff gets scared by the baby worms and puffs up, destroying her house. Larry the Lobster offers to take the worms, but he is going to eat them. SpongeBob saves the worms from Larry, but they fall in the street and SpongeBob has to save them from being run over by a semi-truck. SpongeBob crawls into the engine block and dismantles different parts to disable the truck, saving the babies. Soon after, SpongeBob answers a pay phone and it's Mr. Krabs telling him that he is 3 hours late for work. SpongeBob runs to the Krusty Krab as quick as he can, and shows the babies to Mr. Krabs. One of the worm babies squirts Mr. Krabs, so he tells SpongeBob to get out of the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob goes outside and sits in a garbage can. All of the baby worms squirt their goo on SpongeBob until he is covered in goo. Garbage men come by and they recognize the smell of the goo as the secretion of the baby "spotted glistening meadow worm," the rarest of its species. One of the garbage men mentions that they are worth a fortune. This statement catches the attention of Mr. Krabs who quickly sets up shop to sell the baby worms for $5.99 each. The first lady fish to purchase a baby worm gets green goo squirted all over her, but finds it adorable. Mr. Krabs then says there was an old saying about this sales gimmick. There wasn't, though, and he and SpongeBob laugh.


  • This episode takes place on Sunday and Monday.
  • Larry apparently doesn't know who SpongeBob is in this episode.
  • SpongeBob is 3 hours late for work in this episode.
  • The title card reads "Pet or Pests" but Nickelodeon and other television guides refer to the episode as "Pets or Pests."
  • Since worms are the Bikini Bottom equivalents of "dogs" and Larry said that he would eat the babies, that would mean that it's legal to eat "dogs" (worms) in Bikini Bottom.
  • This is the first time Mr. Krabs is seen with his black jacket & his mega-phone. The second time is in No Hat For Pat.
  • The German Title is, "Wurmwelpen", which means "Worm-Babies".
  • How did SpongeBob know that the payphone was ringing for him?
  • If the worms are worth a fortune, why was Mr. Krabs selling them for $5.00 apiece? Then he would've only got 25 dollars.


Trascript for Pet or Pests

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