Chum Bucket Supreme (Episode)

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Chum Bucket Supreme

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Episode No.: 122a
Season: 6
Airdate: 19 July 2009
Previous Episode: Shell Shocked
Next Episode: Single Cell Anniversary
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown

"Chum Bucket Supreme" is an episode from Season 6.





Plankton tries to attract customers to the Chum Bucket by making a sign that says "CHUM IS METABOLIC FUEL". When Patrick comes over trying to read the sign but fails tu understand it, he decides to change the slogan to Chum Is Fum. Suddenly customers come to the Chum Bucket which causes Plankton to hire Patrick in order to let him create more witty slogans. In the meantime Mr. Krabs becomes aware of the loss of his customers and visits the Chum Bucket together with SpongeBob to find a reason for Plankton's success. Although Mr. Krabs is sure that Plankton somehow got his formula stolen he must realise that Plankton's success is based on his slogan. Plankton, however, tries to get Patrick to invent more new slogans, but the starfish turns out not to be very imaginative for he can only think of Chum is Fum. Finally they change the slogan to Fum is Chum, because Karen hears that Nat and a friend are talking about the first slogan finding it very old. But a few days later Plankton accidentally insults via his microphone all his customers eating at the Chum Bucket, which causes them to get very angry and beat him up. It ends when Patrick puts up a sign on the Krusty Krab that says "Krabby Patties are Fum"


  • A clip of this episode can be shown on, but it was misplaced under the clip of Single Cell Anniversary.
  • The Slogan "Chum is Fum" appeared on a billboard in the episode SpongeBob's Last Stand.
    Chum is Metabolic Fuel!
  • It is revealed that Patrick doesn't know the number before 1.
  • Patrick says that the sign says Chum is Fun even though it says Chum is Fum, then again, you never can determine when Patrick is saying a nasal pronounciation, because he doesn't have a nose.
  • There is a total of 4 time cards in this episode.
  • A game based on the episode can be played at Chum is Fum is based on the customers eating the Chum Bucket Supreme.
  • This the second time Nat is Plankton's customer and vomits from chum.The first time was in the episode Plankton's Regular.
  • This is the second time we see the local hockey team. The first time was in the episode Krabs a la Mode.
  • Goofy Goober is once again mentioned in this episode. He was first mentioned in the episode Chimps Ahoy.
  • In the episode Squilliam Returns (Episode) we get to see a lot of smart SpongeBobs inside the real SpongeBob's brain. In this episode we get to see the Patricks trying to break out of Patrick's brain.
  • In this episode, Nat doesn't recognize Plankton even though they met in the episode Plankton's Regular.
  • SpongeBob has a minor role in this episode.
  • The Hockey Team leader has a Canadian accent.


Episode Transcript: Chum Bucket Supreme

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