Episode Transcript: Chum Bucket Supreme

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Episode Article: Chum Bucket Supreme

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(at the Chum Bucket, Plankton is holding two napkins of different patterns)

Plankton: Okay, Karen, which one's better?

Karen: If I had eyes, I'd be rolling them right now.

Plankton: Thanks for the help. (drops the napkins) You know, details like this can be very important to the customers.

Karen: Customers? What customers?

Plankton: Well, uh... (sees on his monitor a clip of two fish getting out of their boat, and walking towards the Chum Bucket) Like those customers who just pulled up! (he goes outside, as a giant towel is over Karen) Hello, gentlemen, and welcome to the Chum Bucket! Would you like seating inside or outside?

Fish #2: Seating for what?

Plankton: (holds up the menu and yells)... for the Chum Bucket! Are you gonna enjoy a nice helping of chum? (holds up some chum) Oh, boy, this is so... (pretends to eat it) good. The chum is.

Fish #1: Wait a minute, eating chum? Do people do that?

Plankton: Look, are you gonna eat, or not?!

Fish #1: Yeah. I'm gonna have two Krabby Patties.

Fish #2: Oh, yeah, two.

Fish #1: We couldn't find parking over there at the Krusty Krab. (he points to a scene left of the Krusty Krab, the parking is completley packed. They both walk over and join the humongus line-up there. Plankton then gets mad, so some water bursts out of his body. He catches it in a cup and drinks it)

Plankton: (smacks his lips, then sighs calmly) Now what was I saying? Oh, right (angrily rips up the menu and stamps on it) I'm tired of the Krusty Krab taking all of my buisness! We're doomed, Karen! Doomed, I tell you! (cries)

Karen: Well then, why don't you do what all good buisness owners do?

Plankton: What would that be?

Karen: Advertise your product, of course. (gives Plankton part of the towel)

Plankton: (stops crying) Advertising? I can't believe it took me this long to come up with this (Karen groans. Bubble-wipe to Plankton, who is looking through a "Box O'Letters") Let's see. Q, no, P, no... ah, here it is, L! (He puts it on a sign between an E and an exclamation mark) There, it's perfect! "Chum is Metabolic Fuel." You really did it this time, oh, Planky. (starts singing and dancing really stupidly)

Oh, yeah, who's the genius?  
Have you seen this, seen this, seen my genius, genius, genius--? 

(Plankton stops and sees Patrick holding a cup and trying to read the sign)

Patrick: Chum... is... (takes a sip) met...

Plankton: Hello, sir, and welcome to the Chum Bucket. Uh... sir?

Patrick: M-metabol... ol...IC! (fade to a scene where Patrick's brain is on fire. It reads "Department of Thoughts." Several Patrick clones are inside)

Patrick Clone #1: Forget about what that word means! There's a fire breaking out in the language lobes!

Patrick Clone #2: We need to get out of here! (Patrick clone #3 is pushing on a door that says "pull to open")

Patrick Clone #3: The door is jammed!

Patrick Clone #2: Push harder! (smoke comes and drowns them all as they cough. Fade back to the Chum Bucket scene)

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