Episode Transcript: Chum Bucket Supreme

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[edit] Opening Credits

(storyboard director: Sean Charmatz). (writers: Sean Charmatz, Dani Michaeli) (creative director: Vincent Waller) (animation director: Tom Yasumi) (supervising producer: Paul Tibbitt)

[edit] At the Chum Bucket

Plankton: (he is holding two napkins of different patterns) Okay, Karen, which one's better?

Karen: If I had eyes, I'd be rolling them right now.

Plankton: Thanks for the help (drops the napkins) You know, details like this can be very important to the customers.

Karen: Customers? What customers?

Plankton: Well, uh... (sees on his monitor a clip of two fish getting out of their boat, and walking towards the Chum Bucket). Like those customers who just pulled up! (he goes outside, as a giant towel is over Karen). Hello, gentlemen, and welcome to the Chum Bucket! Would you like seating inside or outside?

Fish #2: Seating for what?

Plankton: (holds up the menu and yells)... for the Chum Bucket! Are you gonna enjoy a nice helping of chum? (holds up some chum, and pretends to eat it). Oh, boy, this is so... good. The chum is.

Fish #1: Wait a minute, eating chum? Do people do that?

Plankton (yelling): Look, are you gonna eat, or not????

Fish #1: Yeah. I'm gonna have two Krabby Patties.

Fish #2: Oh, yeah, two.

Fish #1: We couldn't find parking over there at the Krusty Krab. (he points to a scene left of the Krusty Krab, the parking is completley packed. They both walk over and join the humongus line-up there. Plankton then gets mad, so some water bursts out of his body. He catches it in a cup and drinks it).

Plankton: (smacks his lips, then sighs calmly). Now what was I saying? Oh, right (angrily rips up the menu and stamps on it). I'm tired of the Krusty Krab taking all of my buisness! We're doomed, Karen! Doomed, I tell you! (cries)

Karen: Well then, why don't you do what all good buisness owners do?

Plankton (still crying): What would that be?

Karen: Advertise your product, of course. (she gives Plankton part of the towel).

Plankton (stops crying): Advertising? I can't believe it took me this long to come up with this (Karen groans. Bubbles float indicating the next scene. He is looking through a "Box O'Letters"). Let's see. Q, no, P, no... ah, here it is, L! (He puts it on a sign between an E and an exclamation mark). There, it's perfect! "Chum is Metabolic Fuel." You really did it this time, oh, Planky. Oh, yeah, who's the genius? (starts dancing stupidly and sings): Have you seen this... seen my genius...? (he sees Patrick holding a cup and trying to read it).

Patrick: Chum... is... (takes a sip) met...

Plankton: Hello, sir, and welcome to the Chum Bucket. Uh... sir?

Patrick: M-metabol... ol...IC! (it cuts to a scene in Patrick's brain is on fire. It reads "Department of Thought." Patrick clones are inside).

Patrick Clone #1: Forget about what that word means! There's a fire breaking out in the language lobes!

Patrick Clone #2: We need to get out of here! (Patrick clone #3 is pushing on a door that says "pull to open."

Patrick Clone #3: The door is jammed!

Patrick Clone #2: Push harder! (smoke comes and drowns them all as they cough. It cuts back to the Chum Bucket scene).

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