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The Magazine

Squid Ink Magazine is a magazine that Squidward reads in the episode: Bummer Vacation. It is an average magazine that has an ink stain on it. The Context is clear, and it's a parody of Teen Ink magazine, so it is probably about art and writing. The background of the front cover is yellow. This is possible that he reads this magazine alot, because most other times when Squidward reads magazines, the cover is not shown. It's about dancing and artists and ballets and even boring science.

[edit] Video Game References

Squid Ink is also in the SpongeBob SquarePants computer game, Operation : Krabby Patty in the level Invasion of the Patty Snatchers II: The End, where Squidward is seen sleeping with a magazine of Squid Ink on his body. The red sea ants who have been hired to be Plankton's Krabby Patty snatching henchmen crossed the Squid Ink magazine to get all of the Krabby Patty ingredients from the kitchen and bring it back to the Robo-Krabs. It is revealed that in the next sequence that Squidward is dreaming about Patrick and him being injured by a boat accident.

[edit] Trivia

  • Squid Ink is a parody of Teen Ink.
  • Squid Ink Magazine usually never is said, heard, told, or talked about.
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