Jellyfish Cave

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In the Jellyfish Cave

Jellyfish Cave is a series of caves that appeared in the episodes Nature Pants, Atlantis SquarePantis, SpongeHenge, and I'm Your Biggest Fanatic. Mostly SpongeBob and Patrick hide in it from Jellyfish. It is in the Jellyfish Fields. In the episode Nature Pants went to sleep in it, but then he had to run out of the cave because the Sea Urchins inhabiting it were giving him an itch. In the DS Game for Atlantis SquarePantis, SpongeBob and Patrick, when they were stuck in the bubble, the bubble flew in the Cave, and they found the Amulet to Atlantis. In the episode SpongeHenge, SpongeBob ran into the Cave running away from Jellyfish that liked his musical holes. SpongeBob also made the SpongeBob Stones in there. It appears in the "Battle for Bikini Bottom" game, but it is a lot bigger.

[edit] Scenery

Inside there is a huge pile of rocks, and other things. There was a piece of Kelp in the Cave in the episode Nature Pants.

[edit] Inhabitants

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