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*He's A Evil Wizard In All The Ocean
*He's A Evil Wizard In All The Ocean
*His Arch Enemy Of [[King Krabs]]
*His Arch Enemy Of [[King Krabs]]
*He doen't have testicles
{{Plankton Family}}
{{Plankton Family}}
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[[Category:Medieval Characters]]
[[Category:Medieval Characters]]

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Planktonamor, the evil wizard

Planktonamor is an ancestor of Plankton and just as evil, he lived in a castle in a dark landscape on a somewhat of a hill, close to medieval Bikini Bottom. After stealing Princess Pearl he was found by SpongeBob, Patrick Squidly and The Dark Knight and was almost victorious but was zapped to death by his own Dragon Jellyfish. He was the Evil Wizard of the Dunces and Dragons Episode.


Planktonamor looks that he has old age considering having a white beard. He looks averagely the same as Plankton but he has a big purple cloak with a gold piece in the middle. He is still the same size as Plankton. His beady eye and antennae is also the same as Plankton's.


The Town that Planktonamor almost owned. See the Dragon Jellyfish!



  • "Dunces and Dragons" He Only Appear That Episode
  • He Was Obiusly Deceased Due To The Old Age
  • He Kidnapped Princess Pearl I
  • He Is A Ancestor Of Plankton
  • He's A Evil Wizard In All The Ocean
  • His Arch Enemy Of King Krabs
Dunces and Dragons

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