Late for Breakfast (Episode)

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Late for Breakfast

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Episode No.: TPSS 1a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: July 9, 2021
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: Bummer Jobs
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
Cecil Star Thomas Wilson
Bunny Star Cree Summer
Squidina Star Jill Talley
TPSS1a Image.jpg

Late for Breakfast is the first episode of The Patrick Star Show.


[edit] Info

[edit] Characters

[edit] Places

This is the debut of the main settings of the show.

[edit] Plot

As the episode (and the series in general) begins, Squidward drops a newspaper at the Star House, but then an angry worm tries to attack him. In Patrick's bedroom, he is asleep until his pet sea urchin Ouchie hits him in the head and then he wakes up surprised. He falls out of bed onto the floor. He plays with Ouchie which causes him to get thorns on his hands and face. He brushes his eyes and gives the cherry on the toothpaste to Ouchie. He then goes to get Squidina, because it's almost time for his show, but a knight charges toward him, forcing him to shut the door. As he wonders where the door is, Squidina comes out and says that the show is about to start. As he finishes the intro for his show, Squidina asks what today's show is about, and he says that he is hungry, and Squidina thought that was the name of the show, and she says that they will be back after a short break and an ad from their sponsor.

After he lands from gliding to breakfast, the rest of Patrick's family is introduced, starting with Bunny, and ending with Squidina. When he gets to his seat, he realizes that breakfast is over and his family leaves the kitchen. When he looks under the table, the Dartfish Family invites Patrick for breakfast, but he declines. After looking around the house for food, GrandPat tells him a story that starfish provided nutrition to the dinosaurs and dinosaurs still lived with them today, Patrick decides that he will make a cooking segment on his show to make something to eat. After he takes many things into his trash-erole and cooks it at 1000 degrees for 1 second, Squidina says the show must wrap up. After many fake credits, the show ends, and Squidina appreciates the things that happened in the show and informs Patrick it is dinner time.

When Patrick sees that dinner is not served yet, the Dartfish family are having dinner. After looking up from there, he finds out that dinner is being served, and it is trash-erole that his mom learned from his show. After they all eat it, Squidina says that she booked "a sponge in SquarePants" that does a bubble act for the show and she did it all on her toy telephone, and they all laugh. After Squidina says goodnight to Patrick and Patrick says goodnight to Ouchie, Bunny and Cecil talk about Patrick and after they stop, the episode ends with the knight with the axe running up to the camera.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • This is the first episode in the SpongeBob franchise outside of shorts where SpongeBob himself does not physically appear. He is only mentioned.
    • If counting The Algae's Always Greener (where SpongeBob only appears in the Mr. Plankton universe), this is the second episode where he is absent.
  • This episode has the lowest series premiere ratings in the SpongeBob franchise with only 0.65 million viewers.
  • Patrick singing "leedle-leedle-leedle-lee" while going to the kitchen is the same line that he said in Shanghaied and You Don't Know Sponge.
  • The dirty sneakers that Patrick uses to make a casserole are the same sneakers Plankton gives SpongeBob in Welcome to the Chum Bucket.
  • Patrick brushing his eyes is the same thing SpongeBob did in the first movie.
  • During the fake credits for Patrick's imaginary show, the roles of Patrick's DJ and personal bodyguard, Cecil's personal assistant, GrandPat's personal nurse, Squidina's flunky, Ouchie's body double and janitor are taken by Mark Chicarelly, Vincent Wahlla, Andy Badman, Lou K. Shire, Dan Geovanelli, Benny Kruderock and Zak Propadopadingdong, respectively, referencing crew members Marc Ceccarelli, Vincent Waller, Andrew Goodman, Luke Brookshier, Danny Giovannini, Ben Kurzrock, and Kaz.
    • There is also a mention of a "Show gossip" role which is taken by "False Ruhmor." This is a reference to the controversy surrounding the SpongeBob spin-off series.
  • When Ouchie pokes holes inside Patrick's forehead, the holes whistle similarly to how SpongeBob whistles with his nose in the main show's theme song.
  • This episode's title is likely a reference to the 1991 science fiction film Late for Dinner.
  • Patrickk's line "Blown apple feet" is a pun on the French phrase "Bon appétit."

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for Late for Breakfast

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