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The Star Family House is the house Patrick and his family live in on The Patrick Star Show. It is located in the Nitwit Neighborhood.


[edit] Rooms

[edit] 1st Floor

  • Living Room - Where Patrick and his family entertain their guests. There is also a stairway leading upstairs.
  • Kitchen - Where Patrick and his family prepare their meals. There is also a dining room in the kitchen.
  • Stage - Where Patrick presents The Patrick Show! for his neighborhood. This is located inside the TV attached to the house.
  • Unknown Room
  • Time Closet - A closet with a Time Machine.

[edit] 2nd Floor

  • Bedrooms

[edit] Outside

The house is mostly yellow with windows and a orange-ish door. Attached to the right of the house is a television with an satellite on top. There is also a pathway leading to the house.

[edit] Inhabitants

Patrick and his family (sister Squidina, father Cecil, mother Bunny, and grandfather GrandPat) are the main inhabitants of the Star Family House although there were some other different inhabitants in certain episodes.

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