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Hello. Im a BIG SpongeBob fan. It is the longest cartoon i've ever watched: since 1999! I own nearly every SpongeBob DVD there is and have seen EVERY SpongeBob episode that has aired in the US nearly twice! If thats not enough, i know lots on the show! As you can see im a SpongeBob veteran. This is one reason why i suggest that if you have a question on the show, see me! Of course the other reason is that i am also a SpongePedia admin, which means i can delete images and articles, and even ban users. I've been an admin for awhile now, and my work has been impressive to multiple users!


  • Location: Newport News, Virginia (United States)
  • D.O.B: April 17th, 1983
  • Interests: computers, bowling, TV
  • Hobbies: watching SpongeBob, surfing the internet, and using YouTube.
  • Favorite TV Shows: Nearly any sitcom, Poker shows, History documentaries, and of course SpongeBob!

Updates On My Work

  • the top bar on the Main Page is updated!
  • currently trying to get all the lyrics in all Atlantis SquarePantis songs 100% completed and accurate. help is allowed!
  • added a brand new section, making my user page complete!
  • im now in the gradual process of revamping all of my episode articles!
  • updates have slacked slightly, but thats because most of the work has been taken care of.
  • new article created.

Page Protected as of 11/23/07

after a user came and removed all the contents in my user and talk pages, i have put my user page under protection mode. now, only I, another sysop, or an administrator, may edit this page. i do not want this to happen again. i give 100% credit and thanks to Andrewrox for reverting this user's actions on my page and bringing all of its contents back!


this is an entire list of all my contributions to the site.


Ive uploaded the following images:

Category Help

i have helped the most in these categories:



  • SC - Self Created by me only
  • 1/2 - Made half of it
  • IP - Created article with IP address by not logging in
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