The Birdbrains

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The Birdbrains live!

The Birdbrains is a band containing bunch of birds that Potty the Parrot hired for Patchy's party in the episode Party Pooper Pants. Based on the one episode they starred in, they play heavy metal. The Birdbrains are known for doing the song, Underwater Sun.

[edit] Band Members

  • Lead Singer
  • Drummer
  • Guitarist
  • Bassist

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • They can blast the instruments so well that it can cause people to fly out of their house and through many others.
  • "Party Pooper Pants" is where The Birdbrains made their first, and so far, only appearance in the series. It is presumed that they may not appear again due to the sudden death of their lead singer Lux Interior (1947-2009). (Tom Kenny attended Interior's memorial in fact.)
  • The name may be a reference to the legendary Hardcore Punk band, Bad Brains.
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