Toy Store of Doom (Episode)

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Toy Store of Doom
Episode No.: 120b
Airdate: 17.03.2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: No Hat For Pat
Next Episode: Sand Castles in the Sand

"Toy Store of Doom" is the last episode from Season 6.



Time Cards Shown

  • Several Song Filled Hours Later...




The Toy Store Song


SpongeBob and Patrick are at Squidward's home, and they were extremely bored. SpongeBob goes through a chest of toys, games and even Old Man Jenkins! looking for something to do, but there is nothing that they would like to do. Squidward immediately kicks them out of his house with the toys and Old Man Jenkins upon seeing them. Still bored, SpongeBob and Patrick walk down the street and see many signs that say that a toy store is coming - The Toy Barrel. They find a builder and start moaning that the toy store isnt there. The builder shouts at them and throws Patrick in. SpongeBob didnt wait to be asked and threw himself in. They arrive, SpongeBob sees the toys and tells Patrick to get up. Patrick refuses and SpongeBob Pulls him up, then they play until it is closing time. Patrick tells SpongeBob that if they want the whole store to themselves, they must hide until everyone leaves. After this occurs, the two start to have fun, but the lights shut off, and they start to think that the toys are going to attack them. Luckily Patrick has his Night Vision on so he helps but then it shorts out! They both dress up in war costumes and stock up with bubbles in an attempt to fight back. They shoot bubbles really hard and at their best tries. It turns out that there is nothing going to attack them except a wind-up toy robot, which frightens them deeply. The store then reopens,while SpongeBob and Patrick run outside screaming, confusing little children that are waiting to enter the store, and tell the horros of the shop. Then Patrick, realizing that the toy store is open again, runs inside exclaiming "Hey, they're open! I love toys!" The episode ends there.


  • The part where it shows Patrick wrapping the headband around his head is a parody of "Rambo."
  • The toys in SpongeBob and Patrick's imagination are monsters, but in reality, the "monsters" are really just toys.
  • The title is a parody of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It could also be a parody of Toy Story.
  • Patrick had night vision in this episode (really a flashlight in his brain).
  • 2 games based on this episode can be played at at this link: They are: Toy Store Trial and Toy Barrel Peril, based on a memory game and attcking the toys.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob is scared of Monsters. The first time was in Night Light.
  • Patrick's Night vision might be a reference to the old Greek Theory of how humans 'saw'.


Transcript for Toy Store of Doom

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