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Starfishman to the rescue!

Starfishman is Patrick's alter ego featured in the video game Creature from the Krusty Krab.


He is just Patrick with a blue cape and blue pants. Also, some red goggles.

His goal

His goal is to defeat the evil Dreaded Patrick from destroying a 2D version of Bikini Bottom in Patrick's Dream. He gets his tasks from a stranger (who sounds like Patrick) which Patrick called "Phone Guy". However, he gets tied to a rocket and blasted into space where he is constantly stalked by a Krabby Patty-esque UFO. So he destroys it and goes back to Bikini Bottom where he finds SpongeBob captured by a now huge Plankton. He finds Mermaid Man and he tells him there is a shrink ray that Starfishman can use to shrink Plankton to normal size. But the Plankton Army stop him, so he goes across the rooftops without getting Giant Plankton to smite him and finally shrinks him to normal size.

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