Larry Luciano

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For the unrelated lobster, see Larry the Lobster.

Larry Luciano

The enlightened Lightning Larry Luciano(November 1901 - November 17, 1987) is the first champion of snail racing, and since then ignited the flame of the sport's good camaraderie. Because of his advanced age, he is moving much slower than his fellow, and needed several hours to get the fire way to bowl to go. Later, someone else has the flame lit for him. He only appears in the episode: The Great Snail Race.

[edit] Looks

Larry Luciano is an old snail which looks/has:

  • A white walrus moustache, and two small and white eyebrows.
  • He is all wrinkly.
  • He has a brown body, and at the bottom he is green.
  • His shell is mostly yellow with brown spots and green lines.
  • He is 117 now!
  • His eyes sag.
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