Squilliam Fancyson's House

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A Golden Toilet!

Squilliam's House is an extremely expensive mansion owned by Squilliam Fancyson. The house is only seen in House Fancy. The exterior strongly resembles Squidward's House on the first section of the house, but it is then revealed that it has extra floors. According the the indoor elevator, which has a built in hot tub, Squilliam's house has 12 floors, the last three of which are "Not Quite," "Almost the Roof," and "The Roof." When you enter the house there is an entrance hall which is beautifully decorated. Traveling further is a golden door (from a broken submarine) leading to a magnificent bathroom. In the bathroom is a gold toilet. Everywhere in the corridors is filled with pictures of Squilliam, and one golden doorknob, without a door, in which he adores.

Note that the house has a elevator which is conveniently equipped with a hot tub. In addition on the top floor is a wonderful garden which has many features including a romantic cave, a tasty pink soda river, a unibrow sculpture made of gilded door knobs, and phones with a squid head bust and the nose as the telephone.

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