Mama Krabs' House

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Mama Krab's House getting painted...

Mama Krabs' House is like Mr. Krabs' anchor home except it is pink and fluffy. The known rooms in the house are a living room with pictures on the wall, and Mr. Krabs's room with a race car bed and other little boy things. This Girly House Was Built In 1960.

In this house, it is revealed that Mr.Krabs usually lived here for a very long time while a boy. In addition, since Mr. Krabs' childhood, he wore nothing but car-washing cloth from the trash. There is a dresser which was seen in the episode Mid-Life Crustacean where it is seen when SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs were looking at her underwear. The House Has 3 Bedrooms And 1.0 Bathrooms.

Mr. Krabs also has his own bedroom in the house. His bed is a red race car, and he forgets to turn off his lights often. Krabs also talks to his mother like he's still a little boy. In addition, Mr. Krabs once had to clean (with SpongeBob and Patrick) for saying the 13 bad words and must paint it pink, although the house already is pink!

[edit] Appearances

In every episode where Mama Krabs roams, you always see Mama Krabs' House.

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