Flying Dutchman's Ship

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His Ship

The Flying Dutchman's ship is the preferred vehicle and also home of the Flying Dutchman. The ship has inter-dimensional gateways, such as a zipper and it goes to the so-called The Fly of Despair and a Department Store Perfume Center. The Dutchman writes in his diary that he couldn't dine without his dining sock in his room. The deck is featured on several occasions and holds the entrance to the captain's quarters that has a doorbell. The whole ship is gloomy and has a neon green glow. The Dutchman's Ship was built in 1692.

[edit] Apperances

[edit] Rooms

  • Outside the Ship
  • Living Room
  • Perfume Department
  • Study
  • Dining Room

[edit] Looks

The ship is made of green wood that has a greenish glow. The ship has windows on each side. It has three masts that each have a white sail on them. The middle sail has a skull with two crossed swords under it, which are all green. Above this sail is a crow's nest with a small white flag above it.

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