Jellyfish Fields Cliff

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View from the cliff

The Jellyfish Fields Cliff is a cliff that appeared in the episodes: Patrick SmartPants, What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, Slide Whistle Stooges and Pet or Pests. Most of the time, SpongeBob, Patrick or Squidward fall off it. In Patrick SmartPants, Patrick fell off it, lost his head and exchanged it with Brain Coral. In What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, SpongeBob fell off it, and got a huge lump on the head. In Slide Whistle Stooges, Squidward drove and fell down with the truck he was in while playing the Slide Whistle, and in Pet or Pests, Patrick and SpongeBob accidentally roll down the cliff.

[edit] Location

Jellyfish Cliff is located at the edge of Jellyfish Fields.

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