Boys Who Cry

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Boys Who Cry

Boys Who Cry are a popular boy R&B band music group in Bikini Bottom. Their fans include Pearl and Pearl's friends. They can be seen in the episode: Whale of a Birthday when Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob to buy Pearl a birthday present. SpongeBob ends up getting them to play at Pearl's 16th birthday. Pearl had a daydream about Boys Who Cry after waking up and had the band's new song in the dream. They sang for Pearl's 16th birthday party.

[edit] Songs

[edit] Trivia

  • They all look the same, although they are different colored (Including hair).
  • Whale of a Birthday is their only appearance so far.
  • They are probably a parody of the 1980's one-hit wonder band Boys Don't Cry or the movie also called Boys Don't Cry.
  • In Pearl's dream world in Sleepy Time the Boys Who Cry were shown in a painting.
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