Sand Mountain

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Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is a place seen in the episodes: I Had an Accident and Pre-Hibernation Week and also Patrick SmartPants. It is basically mountains made out of sand. Bikini Bottomites come here to ski and slide (on shells). The sports done on Sand Mountain are similar to winter sports, as there are also ski lifts there.

In the episode Pre-Hibernation Week, Sandy and SpongeBob are seen sliding. In this episode, it is revealed that people also ski here. Two kids are also seen making a sandman (the sand equivalent of a snowman). In this episode, there is also a ramp on Sand Mountain, despite the fact that it does not appear in any other episodes that Sand Mountain was featured in.

In the episode: I Had an Accident, Patrick, Sandy and SpongeBob are seen sliding again. SpongeBob injured himself by breaking his Gluteus Maximus (Butt Muscle) and nearly used the Iron Butt. In the video game "Battle for Bikini Bottom" there were 3 different slopes there. "The Guppy Mound" for beginners "Flounder Hill" for the more experienced and the most feared slope "Sand Mountain" for the extremeists.

The place might be home to Mount Humongous and Mount Oyster.

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