Angry Jack's Shell Emporium

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Angry Jack's Shell Emporium

Angry Jack's Shell Emporium is a shell shop that is in Bikini Bottom. Angry Jack works there, and was on a commercial advertising his shop. He was supposedly angry, but he later said that he only yelled to be louder, and claimed that louder is the same as better. Angry Jack is likely supposed to be a mockery of a car dealer. SpongeBob and Gary the Snail went there after Gary's shell cracked. All the shells were later destroyed by SpongeBob. It just appeared in the episode Shell Shocked.


[edit] Known Employees

[edit] People That Have Been There

SpongeBob with a Shell Aisle

[edit] Featured Shells

  • Glossy Blue Shell ($99)
  • Metal plated indestructible shell
  • Shell similar to Gary's

[edit] Quotes

Angry Jack in the Shell Emporium
  • "Don't bring your kids!"

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • The emporium is actually a shell itself!
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