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Episode No.: 54
Season: 3
Airdate: 5 March 2004
Previous Episode: Clams
Next Episode: The Great Snail Race
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Gary Tom Kenny
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
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"Ugh" is an episode from Season 3.



The episode begins with SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog. Lousy loud whales make supersonic ocean waves of sound, making a giant rock on a panel drop of SpongeGar. SpongeGar then acts crazy, but then laughs to find out he got hit by the rock. He puts it back on the panel and puts on his Prehistoric clothes. Then, he wakes up and decides to take Big Gary on a jog. He tells Gary "Tabongaa Gary", but Gary refuses, and SpongeGar yells Gary! Ta-Bong-Ga! and takes the giant Gary out of the pineapple house. Squog then is angry for finding snail trail slime on his lawn.

Squog then plans to complain and yell at Gary but worries that Gary will smash him and flatten him with his strong big eyes. So Squog decides to take a wooden stick with him and chose between two sticks. After he chose one the other stick cried. Squog tells SpongeGar about Gary's Pooga, and SpongeGar tries to learn what Pooga or Snail Trail Slime is. Squog slips on the slime trail and slams into Patar's house. Patar tastes Squog's body covered with Snail Slime, and first acts immature. Then, he adds salt on it and he enjoys tasting the squid-covered snail slime, making Squog angry.

Squog decides to go inside, while SpongeGar and Patar play with each other. Soon, SpongeGar finds a wooden log and uses it to blow bubbles. Soon, they clap hands, and then it starts raining on and off as they keep clapping. Soon, they keep clapping until giant thunderbolts hit them, making fire on the log. Squog comes out of his house, and puts his tentacle in it, burning him so he licked his tentacle. SpongeGar and Patar put their hands into the fire log and they are having a good time on the heat and curiosity as their neurons and common senses do not wake for a long time. Then, SpongeGar and Patar got burned as well.

Soon, Patar tastes his burned hand and it tastes good. SpongeGar and Squog would want to taste it too, although they forget they have their own hands. SpongeGar decides to eat some breakfast. He gets some flowers, and decides to share with Squog. But he accidentally throws the flowers into the fire, and he suddenly has a very strange motion. He has many scene-facing confusion with deep opera singing of his face, the flowers in the fire, and Squog's stick in his hand. After a really long scene of the very hard thinking, he suddenly gets an idea to have a barbecue breakfast using sticks to put food in the fire. SpongeGar and Squog fall in love with the barbecued food in the fire, and Squog thinks it's really genius food, thinking Einstein.

Soon, Patar, SpongeGar, and Squog go on a really big lunch. They go on lots and lots of eating. SpongeGar eats a sandy Krabby Patty, Squog puts pebbles and corn on a pan into the fire, making popcorn, and Patrick eats inedible food. Next, they keep using other foods from the forest. Some of them include Kelp Grass, sticks, Patrick's clothes, napkin, tree-branch noodles (similar to Japanese food Sukiaki), Mr. Krabs' small ancestors who keep saying MONEY!,which made Patar hungry and ate it.

Everyone is with fat stomachs and have grown overweight. They have enjoyed a very delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner and are about to go home and sleep until they forget the log fire. Squog gets it first, but SpongeGar is angry, and they hit each other with sticks without motion moving shots of them hitting each other, and Patar grabs the log fire while they fight. Soon, Patar throws the log fire over his head. Squog uses his tentacles, swiping, a Monster photo, chasing, SpongeGar uses more bait and swiping, and Patar uses swipe, steal, and foot-catching bait. They chase it, but soon it chases and rolls over them. Soon, the log fire lands and stops. They all fight over the log fire for who eats it first.

Soon, rain comes again, and puts out the fire, making SpongeGar and Patar cry together. Squog threatens to "murder" them with his club, but Squog is hit by lightning when he raises his club and SpongeGar and Patar roast Marshmallows on the smoke around Squog for one more dinner.

Plot/Patchy the Pirate

Patchy invites us and tells about Prehistory is really fun. Potty however is in Cyborg future robot form and they fight over SpongeBob of whose form of time his is the favorite:
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! What's going on there? SpongeBob: I think that a pirate and a parrot are arguing about me! And the parrot is winning!

Soon, Patchy decides to show us a real live caveman that he has found from a block of ice. He freed the caveman from the block of ice by using his mom's hair dryer. Soon, Potty shows us a really futuristic and extremely over-contemporary robot who fights with the caveman. Before the intermission, Patchy gets hit by the rock thrown by the Caveman.

Then, Patchy comes back, and is still having some difficulties with the enemies. Soon, after the episode, Potty gives Patchy a reward, having the robot and caveman sing When Worlds Collide. Then, Potty gives him a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Patchy runs out of the cave with the T-rex chasing him. He then is caught in teeth by the T-Rex and tells us, Well, Thanks for watching SpongeBob B.C. and then is attacked by the T-Rex. But the bites of the T-Rex tickle him.


  • SpongeGar-SpongeBob
  • Patar-Patrick
  • Squog-Squidward
  • Fwe Fwe-Fire
  • Fugata-"Forget it!" or forget
  • Pooka-Slime or poop
  • Tabanga Do-?
  • Dumbo-Stupid or Dumb
  • Aga-Cash, Coins, or pennies
  • Banoga-"I'm"
  • Tabanga (By itself)- Let's go
  • Taila fu-Art
  • Manaka-Go away
  • Nabanga-Run away
  • Tooka- Whack or give
  • Na-No or not
  • Wag-Watch
  • Barpa-Burp
  • Monga-Protozoa


  • This episode takes place before the TV series in the accurate timeline.
  • SpongeGar is a portmanteau of SpongeBob and Gary.
  • Patar has a similar beard of Homer Simpson.
  • Squog's house is in monkey shape.
  • There is a fire and it rains under the ocean.
  • Fires do not last long in the ocean, raindrops do not touch the sand ground.
  • SpongeGar and Patar seem to be more overweight than SpongeBob and Patrick. But Patrick is overweight too.
  • In the Scene when they are cooking food Patar rips off his clothes and cooks them and eats them however when Patar is seen again he has his clothes on despite the fact that he just ate them.
  • Patchy's leg is missing in The Sponge Who Can Fly, a possible reason that the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacked Patchy.
  • This is the first episode of Patchy the Pirate not in Encino, California.
  • SpongeTron, Primitive SpongeBob, and Primitive Patrick appear in this episode during the song.
  • The viewer is given the hint that humans and dinosaurs lived together.
  • It is the only sequel to SB-129.
  • In the United Kingdom, it is called SpongeBob B.C. (Before Comedy)
  • How can Squog cook popcorn when it's not invented yet?
  • And how can he cook popcorn with rocks?
  • How come SpongeGar and Patar cooked marshmallows when it's not yet invented?
  • In the episode, Spongegar has 1 sleeve but on the front of the SpongeBob goes prehistoric DVD he has 2 sleeves.
  • The theme song when it starts the episode is similar to the theme song in Rock Bottom.



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