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Robot X-29488 with Cavey © Viacom

Robot X-29488 is a robot that appeared in the episode: Ugh!. This robot sang When Worlds Collide with Cavey the Caveman. This robot has lasers and shot Cavey with them. He was used by Potty the Parrot to prove to the viewers that the future is better than the past. In the end, neither Potty nor Patchy the Pirate won.

[edit] Looks & Design

Robot X29488 is an average robot and is not animated; rather, he is an actor wearing a suit. He has a gray metal shell and his eyes can be used as a laser. In the middle of his chest is a simple lock which presumably has items and controls inside.

[edit] Personal Info

He likes: Helping Potty the parrot prove Patchy wrong about the past, getting what he wants, Cavey the Caveman, the future, winning, parties, shooting guns at Patchy's evidence.

He dislikes: Patchy proving Potty the parrot wrong about the future, not getting his way, Cavey helping Patchy, no future, defeat, no parties, and him being thrown out of the house or cave.

His enemies: Cavey the Caveman (Formerly), and Patchy the Pirate.

His allies: Potty the parrot, Cavey the Caveman, and Patchy the pirate later becomes an ally when the contest about the future and past ends up in a tie.

His goal: To help Potty the Parrot prove Patchy wrong about the past. To kill Cavey the Caveman (Formerly) with his lasers.

Personality: He at first is spoiled and wants to help Potty the Parrot prove Patchy wrong thus making him a minor antagonist and sometimes violent due to him trying to shoot Cavey by shooting burning lasers at him but he is 50% kind also. He eventually somehow makes a truce with Cavey when both sides surrender and they surprise Patchy by throwing a party and singing to the tie of the conflict. As a result both sides win and in the ending the house becomes peaceful with the argument deserted but Potty does try to prank Patchy by giving him a dinosaur as a pet.

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