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Name: Cavey
Gender: Male
Species: Human
First appearance: Ugh!

Cavey is a caveman who appears in the episode: Ugh!.

Patchy unfroze him from a block of ice using his mother's hairdryer. His outward appearance resembles the one of a typical caveman.

When he is told to enter the room, he apparently feels unsecure and frightened by the studio camera. Even though Cavey is attacked by Potty's robot, both of them sing a song together later on.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Personal Info

Cavey likes: Helping Patchy prove Potty the Parrot wrong about the future, getting what he wants, freedom from nature like ice (he was frozen in some snow), winning, the Robot-X29488, the past, peace, and parties.

Cavey dislikes: Defeat, audience (at first), not getting his way, being shot by the Robot, being frozen by natural ice, rivals, the future, violence, and no parties.

Cavey's allies: Patchy, Potty the Parrot, Robot-X29488, audience anybody from the past.

Cavey's enemies: Potty the Parrot, Robot X-29488, future people (later both settle with each other).

Cavey's goal: To help Patchy prove Potty the Parrot wrong about the future and make the past interesting against the future. To self-defend him from the furious violent robot. To negotiate with the sides to stop the violence.

Personality: His personality is he is equal like the Robot. Both dislike defeat and their masters use them to try to defeat one another but eventually the conflict ends with a tie thus forcing them to hug and make up before deserting the conflict. He and the ending everybody parties and he makes peace with the Robot-X29488.

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