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Q.T.-π (literally pronounced "cutie pie") is a robot that Sheldon J. Plankton created in the episode Say Awww!. It was created by Plankton to eat anyone who calls the robot cute.

[edit] Looks

It is a chicken-like robot who, when called cute, transforms into a monster with a mouth that has a built-in flashlight and a fan-like thing. It also has a red bowtie and a secret escape door.

[edit] Info

It was built by Plankton, who made the robot with the goal of making it look really cute at first glance. While explaining the robot's functions to Karen, Plankton unknowingly says "awww" and the robot eats him. Later, SpongeBob SquarePants finds Q.T.-π outside his house and brings it to work, but while SpongeBob washes his hands someone says "awww" and Q.T.-π eats everyone in the Krusty Krab; when SpongeBob comes back, the robot reverts to normal. However, SpongeBob says "awww" and Q.T.-π transforms into its monster form and starts chasing him. SpongeBob runs into Glove World and the robotic monster eats all the people until SpongeBob is the only one left. Finally, SpongeBob is eaten and everyone celebrates because they have enough people to reach the escape door. They get out and turn Q.T.-π into a roller coaster.

[edit] Trivia

  • As stated at the top of the page, the robot's name is pronounced "cutie pie."
    • The "Q.T," when sounded out, sounds like "cutie" and "π" is the "pi" symbol (hence the "pie" part of its name).
  • The robot is supposed to be scary in its monster form, despite its name. This might have to do with Plankton's reason for creating Q.T.-π.
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