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Le Spatula.

Le Spatula is a high tech, overpriced spatula that SpongeBob bought while Spat was in the hospital. As a stereotypical, snooty, "French" high-end piece of equipment, "Le Spatula" is extremely vain and refuses to work as SpongeBob's spatula, running away from SpongeBob the first time he used it.

[edit] Looks

Le Spatula has an end like any other spatula but has a big round tech object that is barrel shaped. It has a dozen more flipping objects and also has the ability to talk (in a French accent). Mr. Krabs gave great liking to Le Spatula. He's only appeared in the episode All that Giltters.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Le Spatula 2000, At your Service."
  • "Friends with you? Ha ha! We are not even in the same social class."

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
  • How can he spit on SpongeBob if he's a robot?
  • SpongeBob briefly named him Spat like his other spatula.
  • Le Spatula cost so much that the store clerk wouldn't sell it to SpongeBob even for a diamond under Gary's shell.

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