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The New Security System 5000 is a machine that is able to detect any threat that comes into your house. Squidward buys it in the episode Good Neighbors, because he is suffering in anger after SpongeBob and Patrick take his Sunday pedicure. He gets to know the system via an advertisement in TV, wich runs:

     "Keep out intruders for good! New Security System 5000! Free installation"

[edit] Looks

It looks like a seashell.

[edit] What happened

Squidward sees the commercial ad and decides to use this as an advantage to keep out his rivals and bought the security system. Sometime later he turned it on and was confident that it would work but unfortunately SpongeBob and Patrick get past the security to offer him an apology. Squidward in a dumbfounded way initially, shouts suspected intruders but the machine said when analyzing its' security, "No threat detected". That made Squidward so mad that he began hitting it in revenge vowing to return it to its' place for a refund and the system took it as a threat, zapped Squidward with its laser, and then when SpongeBob and Patrick's apology cake hit the system it took it as another threat and turned Squidward's house into a gigantic robot, kicked Squidward out and led an attack on Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick's attempts to defeat the system by finding the off button including turning on the ceiling fan, turning on the lights, and turning on a toaster causes the system to control the house to go back in its' place. Squidward, relaxing on a rock however is in his house's spot and so SpongeBob and Patrick finally find the off button and shut it off; the house without robotic limbs falls onto Squidward and crushes him. Squidward survives and climbs back in his house through his floor and furiously dismisses SB and Patrick. His house also grew a unibrow.

[edit] Trivia

  • It must have broken.
  • It remains unknown if it will appear in other episodes.
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