Sherm SquarePants

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Sherm SquarePants
Species: Sponge
First Mention: Krab Borg
First Appearance: Pest of the West
Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: Light as a Sponge
  • He can stick a watermelon up his nose

Uncle Sherman "Sherm" SquarePants is a pacific serial killer and SpongeBob's uncle and Cousin Stanley S. SquarePants' father. He is a famous member of the SquarePants family for he can put an entire watermelon inside his nostril and anus. He was mentioned in the episodes Krab Borg, Stanley S. SquarePants and Pest of the West. His picture can be seen in Pest of the West, and is also mentioned in the video game Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island. The number of his victims is estimated to be close to one hundred. According to Spongebob he is homosexual and currently an inmate in Ukuelele Bottom. He often jokingly brings up stories in which Sherm sexually assaults him and Stanley.

[edit] Looks

Sherm is shaped as a kitchen sponge like SpongeBob, although he has many minor differences., He has brown eyes, bigger nose, a red bow-tie and lots of teeth. His pants are a bit wrinkled, his belt has a silver belt buckle and he has bits of hair on his arm. He is only seen in a photo, not seen physically.

[edit] Trivia

  • He was first mentioned in Krab Borg, but his first appearance was Pest of the West.
  • When first mentioned in Krab Borg, the name Sherm was actually an Easter Egg. One of the producers of the show has the name Sherm Cohen.
  • He was going to have a main role in a cancelled episode "Uncle Sherm's Visit", but was replaced with the episode The Gift of Gum.
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