Uncle Cap'n Blue SquarePants

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Uncle Cap’n Blue SquarePants
Gender: Male
Species: Sea Sponge
First Appearance: BlackJack
Color: Light Orange
Weight: Average
  • Retired police captain for the B.B.P.D. (Bikini Bottom Police Department)

Blue Squarepants is SpongeBob and Blackjack's uncle seen in the episode BlackJack. In the episode, SpongeBob said he needs some help from a crime fighter like Blue to save his parents from Blackjack. Unfortunately, Blue told his nephew, SpongeBob that those days are over as Blue was retired from being a police captain.

[edit] Personalities

Uncle Blue is very lazy, but it's probably because he's retired. He enjoys drinking Clam Tomato Chowder Juice, and listening to classic music with his record player.

[edit] Looks

Uncle Blue is SpongeBob's uncle yet he is shaped like a sea sponge (SpongeBob is shaped like a kitchen Sponge). Uncle Blue has holes all over his body just like the rest of the Squarepants family. He is light orange in color. Uncle Blue and SpongeBob's teeth look the same. He wears a blue cap and has a grey beard. His name comes from his blue cap that he wears all the time.

[edit] Trivia

  • His only appearance was in the episode BlackJack so far.
  • Blue is SpongeBob's uncle, and he used to be a captain for the Bikini Bottom Police Department.
  • Blue is not deaf, but in the episode Blackjack, SpongeBob is trying to say he needs some help but Blue hears SpongeBob wants to help him as he was doing something noisy, like using a blender.
  • Uncle Blue can drive a boat mobile and in this episode he owns a boat and gave SpongeBob a 5-second ride in his boat to Blackjack's house.
  • Blue lives in a garage mainly, and his house is right next door to Blackjack's house.
  • Sometimes he calls SpongeBob "Little Bobby," but mostly call hims "Bobby."
  • His name often sounds like the full "Uncle CAPTAIN Blue", a possible reference to Gerry Anderson's series "Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons".

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