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The Drifter is a character from the episode No Weenies Allowed.


[edit] Looks

The Drifter looks exactly like SpongeBob only he has thick, dark hair.

[edit] Appearance

The Drifter hears about the Salty Spitoon and decides to "check it out." However when he asks Reg the club president to join, Reg thinks it is a weak doppelganger of the Drifter SpongeBob and grabs the Drifter's hair to prove it learning the hard way that it is real hair when SpongeBob in a clown wig lines up behind the Drifter; to say sorry Reg permits the Drifter to join. The Drifter glares at Reg for messing up his hair but obliges and walks in.

[edit] Names

Since he has no official name, The Drifter is called names like "SpongeBob with Hair", "Other SpongeBob."

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • His only appearance was in No Weenies Allowed
  • It is unknown if the drifter will return.
  • He is voiced by Tom Kenny, the same person who voices SpongeBob.
  • He claims to be tough, though Reg never told him to prove it before letting him enter the Salty Spitoon.
  • Reg pulled his hair. But it never hurt the drifter. So he is tough.
  • He drifts along towns, finding tough clubs, based by his name.
  • Reg thinks he is SpongeBob, but then SpongeBob comes along with a random wig.
  • He somehow knows that Reg's club is pretty tough.

Quotes: "Doubt it. I'm a Drifter"

"What's shakin', my man?"

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