Horace B. Magic

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Horace B. Magic

Horace B. Magic is a corporate businessperson, as SpongeBob calls him, who seems to only care about making money by selling them fake magic kits. His disguise is that of a floating fish head also known as Mr. Magic in which case he is similar to the "Wizard of Oz" as both lie to the main characters but while the Wizard is kind. He first appeared in episode Hocus Pocus when SpongeBob and Patrick saw him at the back of the curtains and so far, that was his only appearance.

[edit] Looks

He is light blue in color. He wears a brown suit and pants with a green necktie. He has black hair and wears glasses. He does not wear any shoes, only bare fins.

[edit] Attitude

He is greedy and selfish. He seems to be a parody of a businessman who cares only about making money by selling people fake products. When SpongeBob and Patrick find out, SpongeBob denounces him as a corrupt businessman to which he responds by calling security to throw them out. His booming and weak voice is provided by Rodger Bumpass. Horace is somewhat like Mr.Krabs, greedy, and he likes money. He pretends to be Mr. Magic to get alot of money, but Patrick finds out Mr. Magic is not real, because a wooden leg is sticking out of where Horace was.

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