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Episodes with the Bikini Bottom Hospital


Episode Character Who Went
Boating School (Mentioned Only) Mrs. Puff
Suds (first appearance) SpongeBob
Squid's Day Off Mr. Krabs
The Bully Flats
No Weenies Allowed SpongeBob
Born Again Krabs Mr. Krabs
I Had an Accident SpongeBob and Tom
The Lost Mattress Mr. Krabs
Funny Pants Squidward
Krusty Towers SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs
All that Glitters Spat
The Two Faces of Squidward Squidward
Slide Whistle Stooges Squidward
A Life in a Day SpongeBob, Patrick and Larry
Shuffleboarding Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
The Cent of Money Mr. Krabs
Shellback Shenanigans SpongeBob and Plankton (as Gary)
Demolition Doofus Mrs. Puff
Squid Baby' Squidward
Safe Deposit Krabs No one
Two Thumbs Down SpongeBob
Code Yellow SpongeBob and Squidward
Teacher's Pests SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton
My Leg! Fred, SpongeBob, Patrick, Robot, and Criminal

The Bikini Bottom Hospital has served a role in numerous episodes of SpongeBob and it is probably the best hospital in Bikini Bottom. The other hospital is for weenies. This hospital has been featured in over 13 episodes throughout the series. Many characters have been to the hospital, but Squidward is there most frequently. Mr. Krabs has been to the hospital a few times. SpongeBob has also been there in a few as well. The Bikini Bottom Hospital hosts a variety of Surgeons, nurses, and even actors. In All that Glitters, SpongeBob's spatula, spat, was in critical condition when someone ordered a Monster Krabby Patty and the doctor that told SpongeBob if Spat was going to be all right, turned out to be an actor searching for a role. In another episode, Mr. Krabs was in a cash coma in The Lost Mattress where Mr. Krabs' back was killing him because of his lumpy mattress so SpongeBob, Patrick, and partially Squidward decided to buy him a new mattress and throw out his old one, with all of Mr. Krabs' money in it. Mr. Krabs had to be surgically removed from the candy machine so one of the doctors could get to the Nutty Nut Bar. The Bikini Bottom Hospital has played a role in multiple other episodes too. Although the hospital first appeared in Suds it was mentioned in Boating School.



The Bikini Bottom Hospital looks like a wooden box with windows, a few downtown Bikini Bottom like buildings attached to it, half of a life saver buoy with "Emergency" in red letters, and an anchor with "Hospital" going vertical on it in the very front, there is one road that curves around the anchor, and next to the entrance with a parked ambulance, and then back around the anchor. The "Hospital" symbol is a red anchor.


This is a 2008 Limited Edition Set in the LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants Series.


  • Drive the ambulance!
  • Use the tools on SpongeBob!



  • Ambulance
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