The Bully (Episode)

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The Bully
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Episode No.: 43b
Season: 3
Airdate: 5 October 2002
Previous Episode: Just One Bite
Next Episode: Nasty Patty
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Mrs Puff und Fred.jpg
Flats and Mrs. Puff





It is a normal day in the boating school until SpongeBob meets a new student in his Boating class, Flats. Flats threatens to "kick his butt" and SpongeBob panics. He tries to escape but is unable to. SpongeBob turns to Mrs. Puff for help but she does not seem to get his point and tells Flats what SpongeBob has said about him, thus making things even worse. Flats's father is also unable to help SpongeBob, and tells him that he will also now have his butt kicked by Flats, who suddenly appears. Back inside the school, the phone rings; SpongeBob answers it and hears Patrick on the line. SpongeBob asked Patrick for help, but Patrick reveals that he and Flats were college buddies.

Flats continues to pursue SpongeBob outside school but during the course of his pursuit is badly injured when a truck he is driving overturns. Flats ends up in hospital, his life having been saved by SpongeBob. However even now he is determined to kick SpongeBob's butt.

When Flats finally gets a chance to kick SpongeBob’s butt, he gets angry because, as SpongeBob is a sponge, he absorbs Flat's punch. Flats continues to punch SpongeBob until they are back in school - Flats gets so tired of beating SpongeBob up, he collapses as SpongeBob gives a little speech about bullying. SpongeBob has his arm raised during his speech, but at that moment Mrs. Puff comes in and sees SpongeBob's raised fist and Flats laying on the floor. Mrs. Puff misunderstands, believing that SpongeBob had beaten up Flats and cries angrily to SpongeBob that "I'm gonna kick your butt!"


  • If you listen closely in the background while SpongeBob and Flats are talking, you can hear Mrs. Puff saying "blah blah blah red light blah blah blah green light blah speed".
  • When it first showed Flats come in the classroom and the students were clapping, SpongeBob could not be seen.
  • When Flats is about to hit SpongeBob the music in the background is the same music from the movie "Signs".
  • It does not make sense that SpongeBob gets punched by Flats and does not feel it- this suggests he has no bones, but in other episodes he has bones; he either has no bones in his mouth or the creators were referencing the fact that his species have no spine and thus no bones.


Episode Transcript: The Bully

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