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"So order now, wimp!"

The Anchor arms commercial was on TV in the episode: MuscleBob BuffPants. It is a commercial about getting fake muscles.

[edit] Dialogue

Anchor arms fish: Hey, you! Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! Yo, little peanut worm! Are you too much of a wimp to work out? Are you a weakling built like a sponge? Well, now you too can have muscles! With anchor arms! (Puts a long pink item on his arm) It slips on like a glove. Just add air. (Puts a plug in the arm's hole and pumps air into it) How big do you want 'em? (Pumps air into other arm) Normal... (Puts more air into arm) Veiny... And for the ladies... (Puts air into arm which makes it grow hair) ...hairy. (The TV puts up an image of a weak shark) I was a wimp before anchor arms! Now, I'm a jerk and everybody loves me. So order now, wimp!

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