Transcript: The Story of King Neptune

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The Story of King Neptune!

This is a short that can be found at It goes with the TV special: The Clash of Triton. The short can be viewed here: [1]



SpongeBob: The Story of (SpongeBob pulls pants) King Neptune. (switches to story) When King Neptune was a little Neptune, his mother sent him adrift in a river. As he floated along, a giant meteor fell on Earth. An alien appeared, and inflicted the baby with Super Neptune Fluid. (alien squirts King Neptune) By the time he was in school, he had already begun excibiting signs of super-duperness. As an adult, he would fly through the sea, Helping people, and getting snails off of sea-trees. (King Neptune gives snail to an eldery fish)

Patrick: (interrupts) Is that really the (switches to SpongeBob in Patricks room, Patrick is in bed) story of King Neptune?

SpongeBob: Sure. (As he says 'sure', he puts a comic book behind his back)

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