The Tickler

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The Tickler

The Tickler is a fish that fought Sandy in the episode: Karate Island. He is on the first floor of the Four Floors of Fear. He was winning the fight against Sandy, until Sandy pulled out Jelly-filled Donuts and stuffed and stuffed them in his face. He was employed by Udon to make SpongeBob buy real estate. He lives in Karate Island. The way he talks, he is most likely French.


[edit] Looks

The Tickler is a purple colored fish with a black and white striped shirt, a dark purple hat, brown pants and a bandanna around his neck. He also holds two sticks with fake hands at the tops which are used to tickle people.

[edit] Colleagues

[edit] Trivia

  • When The Tickler speaks, his lips don't match up to what he's saying. This is a reference to really old japanese films, which were known for their horrible dubbing.
  • Voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • The Tickler's name as well as his nationality (French) is actually a reference to a feathered condom, also known as a "French Tickler".

[edit] Weakness

  • Jelly-filled donuts
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