Survival of the Idiots (Episode)

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Survival of the Idiots
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Episode No.: 29a
Season: 2
Airdate: 5 March 2001
Previous Episode: Christmas Who?
Next Episode: Dumped
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke





SpongeBob and Patrick are racing to Sandy's Treedome to play. However, it has a metal cover on it, and a 'Keep Out' sign. They go inside, and there's a video explaining that Sandy's hibernating, and they shouldn't disturb her. Patrick insists that they should go in. They open the door, and see that the house is filled with snow (although they don't know what it is yet). They go into the tree and find Sandy, sleeping while she's dreaming about herself as a sheriff chasing after two criminals named Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry.

Sandy appears to be a lot bigger than usual. She doesn't wake up. However, when they make too much noise in her room, she wakes up and attempts to skin them thinking that SpongeBob and Patrick are Dirty Dan (SpongeBob) and Pinhead Larry (Patrick), until she falls back into her bed, asleep. SpongeBob and Patrick leave the tree to play in the snow. SpongeBob and Patrick argue who gets to be Dirty Dan. Patrick wants to be Dirty Dan along with SpongeBob, But then Sandy comes out and begins to attack SpongeBob and Patrick. Patrick wins the fight of being Dirty Dan when Sandy asks them "WHICH ONE OF YOU IS THE REAL DIRTY DAN!", to which Patrick says "Uh I am" after Sandy asks them. A fight begins.

She immediately throws Patrick aside when he is not looking, and then chases SpongeBob until he falls into a hole. SpongeBob tries to throw a piece of wood at her, but Patrick comes and gets in the way, accidentally taking the hit. He falls into the ditch and then Sandy pounces on them, beats them up, buries them alive, and goes back to bed. As the winter storm gets more intense, they try to escape and find that the door's frozen shut. Because of the cold weather, they use tape to shave off Sandy's fur and use them as clothes. But then, winter quickly comes to an end and Sandy wakes up, normal sized, but with no fur. And she looks really bad without it. Before SpongeBob and Patrick can escape, she finds them. Until her fur grows back, she ties SpongeBob and Patrick to her.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the term "Survival of the Fittest", and the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans".


  • Changes from the beginning: Sandy's bed was originally hanging from the ceiling. And when she was sleeping, there was much more saliva, which was changed to make it less gross.
  • When Sandy jumps at SpongeBob and Patrick in the hole, SpongeBob has no feet. Another error was that, when they first opened the door to Sandy's house, there wasn't a door to her tree.
  • At the end of the episode, when the snow has melted and Sandy first sees SpongeBob and Patrick with her fur, there is no water left in the treedome. However, this doesn't affect SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • When SpongeBob gets the idea to burn the bark on the tree and he pulls it off, Sandy threatens to put him in an iron lung and he tapes it up. But when they walk outside after taking Sandy's fur, the tape is gone.
  • Sandy appears to have lost all the weight she put on by the end of her hibernation, yet in Pre-hibernation Week, she claimed that she could not burn carbs in her sleep..


Episode Transcript: Survival of the Idiots

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