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Patar. With Stick.JPG
Species: Starfish

Patar is the ancestor of Patrick. He was friends with SpongeGar and Squog (SpongeBob and Squidward’s ancestors) but, Squog (unlike Squidward) is apparently also friends with him. He eats everything, just so long as it has enough salt on it. Examples are Prehistoric Gary's slime, Mr.Krabs' small ancestors, his clothes, coral, and even his own burnt hand. He was the first to notice that when he clapped it rained, but got overzealous and caused a thunderstorm, creating fire. His favorite food is Prehistory Krabs, the ancestors of Mr. Krabs, but he has tried to eat a roasted stick before. He is not to be confused with the Prehistoric Starfish. Patar first appeared in the episode Ugh!

Patar is only playable on the game, SpongeBob B.C. Bowling. He makes a cameo appearance with SpongeGar and Squog in Atlantis SquarePantis.

[edit] Looks

Patar Looks a lot like Patrick except that Patar has more chest hair and a thick unibrow; he also has a bigger and wider mouth. He wears the same clothes as the present Patrick, but instead of pants, he wears typical cave-man leopard skin-like clothes.

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