Patrick Not-Star

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Patrick Not-Star

Patrick Not-Star is a character seen in the episode Hide and Then What Happens?. He looks like Patrick Star from behind, and SpongeBob thought it was him while looking for Patrick Star in a very long-lasting game of Hide and Seek, and when SpongeBob found Patrick Not-Star, he only saw him from behind, leading SpongeBob to believe that Patrick Not-Star was the Patrick he was looking for. Patrick Not-Star then explains that he is not the Patrick that SpongeBob was looking for. Patrick Not-Star saw how disappointed SpongeBob was that he could not find Patrick, so Patrick Not-Star explained to SpongeBob that it didn't matter if he won or lost, and that it only mattered that SpongeBob had fun.

[edit] Looks

Patrick Not-Star looks like an older version of Patrick Star, since Not-Star has hair, wrinkles, a beard, a moustache , a nose, and thick eyelashes/eyebrows.

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