No Hat for Pat

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No hat for Pat is episode from season 6. PLOT Patrik was waiting for SpongeBob to play. When Patrick saw Sponge Bob wearing the cap, he said, "No, you're doing it again!" Then he wanted to play with Squidward, but then he saw that he was wearing the same cap. Then Patrik decided to hire him at Rakova Smoker. But he was holding the sign wrong, so he almost missed. Mrs. Crabs offered him to jump out of the box into an apple pie. After it became boring, Squidward was standing on the board and accidentally pulled him back to sea-hawks. --Trivia&Gofs-- -This is the first episode where Patrik is wearing a cap -This is for Squidward and Patrick's first encounter with seaweeds -How could Patrik not jump from the board? -Dialogue between Patrick and Squidward during the fall was one of the longest -This is the first time that Mr.Crabs wears darker colors on it

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