Mr. Doodles

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Mr. Doodles with Mr. Krabs

Mr. Doodles is a worm that has probably been adopted or bought by Mr. Krabs. He comes in the aftermath of two episodes. He has no known relationship to Pearl, who is also his owner. He is the same species as Rex. Mr. Doodles barks like a dog though he is an average sized worm. That is because snails are the equivalent to cats and worms are the equivalent to dogs. Mr. Doodles appeared in As Seen on TV and Sandy's Rocket and the book Comic Crazy!.


Mr. Doodles looks very similar to Rex but he:

  • Is a bit darker
  • Has black lines all down his body
  • Has a spiky collar around his neck
  • Wears a big smile!


  • It is possible that his name is a reference to the Sesame Street character Mr. Noodle, who is actually a human.
  • Mr. Doodles was never seen outside Season 1 and Season 3.

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