The Splinter (Episode)

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The Splinter
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Episode No.: 105a
Season: 6
Airdate: 2 June 2008
Previous Episode: Gone
Next Episode: Slide Whistle Stooges
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown

© Viacom

"The Splinter" is an episode from Season 6.



The Krusty Krab opens at a seemingly average morning and SpongeBob is extremely happy. He gets the Krabby Patties ready and soon gets an order of two Krabby Patties plus an insult from Squidward, which is to no effect. His excitement eventually causes him to accidentally throw his spatula into the ceiling and when trying to get it out he falls, nearly being injured by scissors and swords. Upon landing all is well but he trips. His finger drags across the wooden floor and it rams into a small slab that breaks in half, giving him a splinter that immediately makes his finger red and swollen. His weak arms keep him from getting it out and even biting it didn't work. The customer that ordered earlier is getting impatient and the splinter keeps SpongeBob from holding the spatula needed to serve him. He decides to tie it on his nose and Squidward soon finds out about it. Squidward then convinces SpongeBob that he will get sent home by Mr. Krabs if he sees the splinter and flushes his hat and spatula. SpongeBob begs him not to get him sent home but is unsuccessful. Squidward also hints that he'll tell Mr. Krabs about the splinter. After Squidward gets his full enjoyment about the situation, Mr. Krabs drives a customer away with his cheap behavior. SpongeBob calls Patrick to get treated for it but the treatment only ends up with his splinter further into his finger, making it swell more and even infecting it. SpongeBob soon runs into Mr. Krabs and Squidward. Mr. Krabs soon sees the splinter and takes it out curing him and causing an eruption of pus to impact Mr. Krabs. Squidward discovers that he could get sent home early and still get paid by getting injured, called worker's compensation, so he tries to injure himself only to find out his shift had ended two minutes ago.


  • SpongeBob was almost killed in this episode.
  • You can't get sent home from work after getting a splinter on the job...
    • ...but you could probably get sent home if your thumb swelled up.
  • Your thumb can't swell up if you get a splinter after you use ice sculping tools in an attempt to remove it or "garbage compress" to try to make the swelling go down.
  • Anyone can remove a splinter (just not a very small one).



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