The Haunting of Star House (Episode)

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The Haunting of Star House

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Episode No.: TPSS 7a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: July 30, 2021
Previous Episode: Bunny the Barbarian
Next Episode: Who's a Big Boy?
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
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The Haunting of Star House is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.





The episode begins with Squidward delivering newspapers to the Star house. Cecil answers the door and takes the paper without paying, angering Squidward. He goes to shower, and Squidward climbs the house. He demands his money from the bathroom window, but falls off. Cecil calls for Bunny, but trips while running down the stairs. He falls over and his towel lands on him, making him look like a ghost. Patrick comes by and screams in horror, then gets the idea to do a ghost segment on his show. Squidina directs the skit, but they are disappointed when they find that Cecil is not a real ghost. Cecil tells Patrick that actual haunted houses are too expensive, making him cry.

Squidina shows Patrick a commercial for "Get a Ghost Incorporated," a service run by the Flying Dutchman promising affordable ghosts. He orders two and the Dutchman brings them to his house, where Patrick directs them to haunt his parents. Cecil is in the kitchen, making a sandwich, and a ghost haunts it and moves it away from him. Various items from the kitchen float in and become part of the sandwich, and the ghost finishes by covering it in hot sauce and forcing it down Cecil's throat. However, he likes how the sandwich tastes. The ghost tries drinking some of the hot sauce himself, only to light on fire and run around the room. Patrick extinguishes him and says that he hopes the other ghost is scarier.

Upstairs, Bunny is vacuuming with her eyes closed and headphones on. The ghost is unable to scare her, and when she returns with a leaf blower, she blows it into the wall. Meanwhile, Squidward returns and tries to pry the window open with a crowbar, but hits himself instead. Back in the house, the ghosts tell Patrick that his family is too dumb to scare. Patrick claims he could do a better job than them. When Squidward comes in, the ghosts tell Patrick to scare him, and he accepts.

Patrick hides inside the couch, so when Squidward searches it for money, he pulls off Patrick's skin. A skeletal Patrick comes up and speaks in an ominous voice, making Squidward scream and run away. Squidina suggests another show idea, and comes up with a makeover segment for the ghosts. The ghosts laugh so hard at their ridiculous makeup that they die and come back to life.

Now corporeal beings, the two start freeloading off Squidina. GrandPat comes in and calls them out, angry at them for borrowing money 50 years ago and never returning it. He chases them out of the house on Bunny's vacuum. Cecil comes out, and Squidward, who was hiding in the mailbox, reveals himself and chases after him. Patrick, still skeletal, is given a spare version of his skin by Squidina.

Back on the show, Patrick refits his skin and says that ghosts are not scary, just silly. He blows up a balloon, which turns out to be the Flying Dutchman in disguise. He scares Patrick and Squidina away, then advertises his company again. The two former ghosts come in and pop him, then laugh.


  • This is the sixth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise where SpongeBob is completely absent, as he does not make an appearance and he is not mentioned.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Flying Dutchman in The Patrick Star Show.


Transcript for The Haunting of Star House

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