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Squidward Chat

Squidward Chat was a show that was on the Bikini Bottom Public Access. It was held in Squidward's House. It was made up by Squidward. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Plankton, Pearl, and Mr. Krabs ruined it. It was only shown in the episode Tentacle Vision.


It all began when Bikini Bottom Public Access canceled Fab and Fancy in favor of a new show, The Guitar Lord. Squidward gets infuriated about this sudden cancellation of his favorite show and calls the GL's host Zeus who tells him that it is so easy to get a TV show. Squidward gets inspired and calls the BBPA to request his own talk TV show; he names his new show as Squidward Chat, planning it to be about personal subjects of his such as arts, etcetera. However SpongeBob and his friends see him on TV and ruin it because they want to join the fun whether Squidward likes it or not. Later the show is cancelled in favor of a show similar to the performance of the gang on Squidward Chat called Squidward's House Party, much to Squidward's displeasure.

Cast and Crew


  • In the German version of Tentacle-Vision, Squidward Chat is called Thaddäus talkt, which means Squidward Talks.
  • This is similar to Cartoon Network's talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

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