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Snellie is a purebred snail that was non-permanently used by Squidward in the great snail race episode. Squidward brags and brags about how good Snellie is at racing and he enters her in the great snail race. Gary the snail then enters the race too. When the snail race comes it proven that she is one of the fastest snails because Squidward says it has its own papers. When Snellie is about to win the race with Gary the snail seriously injured, she turns around to see if Gary is okay. They start to love each other and at the end of the race it is strangely ironic that Rocky the rock won the race because it was never seen moving. Snellie first appeared in The Great Snail Race.

[edit] Looks

Snellie is a purple colored snail with a bow on top of her shell. She has a bit of green and blue on her slithering area and she has thin eye stalks. She is mostly on a leash unless she is racing. On her purple shell she has a darker purple swirl. She looks similar to Mrs. Puff's snail and Mary.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Squidward says that he hopes he never sees another snail again in I Was a Teenage Gary, yet he still adopted her.
  • Do not get Snellie mixed up with Mrs. Puff's Snail, even though she looks 100% like her. In The Sponge Who Could Fly, Mrs. Puff cried "I've had her since I was a little girl", so it couldn't have been Snellie.
  • Snellie has not been seen before or since The Great Snail Race.
  • Snellie cost Squidward $1,700 and lost a race to a rock (Rocky).
  • Snellie raced in Bikini Bottom's Great Snail Race.
  • When Gary is breaking down, Snellie was seen near the finish line, yet after they show Gary again Snellie is farther back, but hasn't turned around yet.
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