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Krabby Quest is a SpongeBob game available only at the Nick Arcade. It is filled with 60 levels of gameplay. It is a Midnight Synergy game. It is similar to the Wonderland games.

The Title Cover


[edit] Plot

Plankton calls up the Krusty Krab and orders 1,000 Krabby Patties and the Krusty Krab gets so filled up with Krabby Patties that it explodes and all the Krabby Patties scatter all around Bikini Bottom and beyond. Now it's up to SpongeBob and Patrick to go around and get the patties.

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay is basically walking arond grabbing Krabby Patties and bonus bubbles. But there are also enemies.

[edit] Enemies

In order of appearance:

  • Upcoming Plants (purple tentacle with blue dots)
  • Bullies
  • Sneezing Plants (green tentacles with yellow dots that shoot fire balls)
  • Jellyfish
  • Frogfish

[edit] Bonus bubbles

Bonus bubbles, introduced in level two, are necessary for bonus points. Also, by collecting all of them (plus Krabby Patties) you'll fully complete the game. Although you'll see the game ending without all of them, but get them all for a 100% game completion.

[edit] Locations

SpongeBob will visit various locations:

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

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